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29 April 2003

Score one for the Good Guys

Tom Ridge put down his color chips today to announce that Mohammed Al-Rehaief, the Iraqi lawyer who assisted in the rescue of PFC Jessica Lynch, has been granted asylum in the US under the rules of "humanitarian parole".

Al-Rehaief, his wife and their five-year-old daughter arrived in this country on the 10th of April. They will be allowed to remain indefinitely, and in one year they can apply for permanent residency.

No meeting has yet been scheduled with Lynch, who is at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, still recovering from her injuries.

We're getting pretty good at this doing-the-right-thing stuff, I think.

Posted at 4:27 PM to Political Science Fiction

Listening to Fox News last night, I heard one of the talking heads laud how Mohammed is already "so Westernized." They mentioned - yet again - that he's a lawyer. That his wife is a nurse. That he has a daughter. Blahdiblahblah.

And I kept thinking: He's an awesome human being for having taken such great risks. Yes, we gave him asylum. We did it as a "thank you," and to offer him protection. Do we have to insist on "Westernizing" him, too? Is it so hard to believe there might just be a few Muslims who are decent people?

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 12:44 AM on 1 May 2003

Westernization is insidious stuff: it creeps in slowly, stealthily, and sooner or later there's a Taco Bell in Basra.

I don't think we're consciously remolding this man at all; he's just opened himself up to a whole new world.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:00 AM on 1 May 2003

The fact that he's muslim doesn't bother me or that he's an Iraqi, but does this country really need another lawyer? I think we need additional quotas for lawyers and soon before they all want to come over here.

Posted by: DavidC552 at 8:56 AM on 2 May 2003

We can handle an even number of lawyers: they'll cancel each other out in the courtroom. So we need one more to offset Mohammed. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:06 AM on 2 May 2003