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13 April 2003

Something I wish I'd said

Fark captioned this Yahoo! News (by way of Reuters) story truly spectacularly:

U.S. has Saddam's DNA, presumably from Peter Arnett's blue dress

As they say south and/or east of here, "Dayum."

Posted at 8:29 PM to Political Science Fiction

I want to know how they really know its him. He could be using body doubles for his doubles.

Posted by: Calculator Blaine at 8:34 PM on 13 April 2003

I saw this on fark as well. Thought it was very funny. Then, as I'm driving to work this morning, a talk show host on one of the "other" stations decides to appropriate the bit as his own... going on for two or three minutes about it.


I like the site, btw. I hope you don't mind, but I've added a link at (and thanks for the link here).


Posted by: Cam Edwards at 7:26 PM on 14 April 2003

Did he at least identify its source? Drew has been known to grumble when Fark material isn't properly attributed.

(Links are what make the Web work; the more, the merrier, I'm inclined to believe.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:53 PM on 14 April 2003

No, I listened for attribution, but it was presented like...

"So the U.S. says it has Saddam's DNA. I wonder where they got it? Probably Peter Arnett's blue dress. haw haw haw. You know, because, haw haw haw, that's what most DNA evidence is from. And Peter Arnett, well, you know, haw haw haw."

This guy's syndicated, so hopefully a farker was listening and let Drew know about it.

Posted by: Cam at 8:30 PM on 14 April 2003