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4 April 2003

After Saddam

Okay, Iraq is getting "regime change" as specified. But to what is the regime being changed?

Lynn Sislo has been thinking about this:

The U.S. Constitution was not the beginning of democracy but merely a leap forward in the long evolution of democracy.

The Arab world has not been a part of that evolution. I am not saying that they are not capable of democracy or that they do not deserve it but extreme caution is needed to prevent "majority rule" from becoming a "tyranny of the majority" that might be as bad for some Iraqis as the tyranny of one man.

A tyrant with a mandate is still a tyrant.

Here in the Big PX, we're still fine-tuning our republic, though we've been at it longer than damned near anyone; still, we've got the basics down. And we should be pushing, not for some generic "democracy" that serves as somebody's personal fiefdom (yes, Mr Mugabe, I'm talking to you), but for a system that has a chance of making everyone's life better. Of necessity, it's going to look a lot like our system, and the time to get used to it starts right about now.

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