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30 March 2003

Howard be thy name

Having given sort of a plug to the Gary Hart blog, I figured the very least I could do was to check out the competition, and so I Googled up the Howard Dean campaign, which at least is an official campaign at this point, to see the comparative offerings.

And there are a couple of good Dean-related blogs, one by Rick Klau, the other a collective including, among others, the reliable Aziz Poonwalla. The Dean campaign itself has a Call to Action blog, but it's your basic minimal-effort Blogspot template (although it links a banner off the main Dean campaign site) and not especially interesting unless you're working on the Dean campaign yourself.

I'm going to have to watch that phrase "Googled up". It's capitalized good, like a trademark should, but verbing nouns (such as, um, "verb") has problems of its own:

"Governor, what do you think went wrong with your campaign?"

"Somewhere down the line, it got all Googled up."

Of course, I'd probably have the same issues with those yahoos at Yahoo!

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And nobody wants their blog to get all problemmed.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 11:59 AM on 30 March 2003