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19 March 2003

Correctives in Colorado

According to the Rocky Mountain News, two new firearms measures have been signed into law by Colorado Governor Bill Owens.

Senate Bill 24 mandates that carry permits be issued to residents who pass a background check and a gun-safety course. Senate Bill 25 requires that individual cities and counties comply with state gun laws: they can no longer pass more restrictive measures on their own. SB 25 also bans local gun registries.

(Muchas gracias: Kim du Toit, who objects to the News'  headline writer's characterization of the measures as a "gun rights expansion". Says du Toit: "[T]hese laws don't expand gun rights, they've restored them, you journalistic morons.")

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I think I need one of these. :)

Posted by: Patty at 4:47 PM on 19 March 2003