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18 March 2003

Did the diplomats fail?

Right on the heels of the President's address last night, ABC-TV ran a special called The Failure of Diplomacy. Chris Anderson at Queen City Soapbox takes issue with the very title:

One reason that I've been at least cautiously supportive of this war is that I never thought it was a diplomatic problem to begin with. To see it in those terms is like expecting a bully to back down because you've demonstrated that he's cruel, or to have the mob quit pouring the concrete around your shoes because what they're doing is, you know, illegal. Diplomacy requires a rational partner that just isn't there.

Diplomacy, according to Will Rogers, is "the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock." Rocks are now in position.

Posted at 9:02 AM to Political Science Fiction

Interesting take on diplomacy and Iraq. Now apply it to North Korea. Everything is exactly the same. Therefore, wouldn't the outcome (military action) be the same? But Bush is saying the exact opposite is the solution to NK than with Iraq, even though NK is a much more dangerous state, in my opinion. Ohhhh, that's right, there's no comparison between the Iraqi military and NK's military.

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 10:06 AM on 18 March 2003

At least part of the reasoning, I believe, is that there are all manner of Iraqi and/or Islamic-militant sympathizers scattered about, ready to trash anything remotely connected to the Great Satan. Contrariwise, almost nobody is likely do anything on behalf of the DPRK, which has a handful of nukes, a bunch of cannon fodder, and little else.

Whether this assessment is actually accurate, of course, is another matter, but this is the way I'm interpreting the Administration's take.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:41 AM on 18 March 2003

Yeah, I think Goof's premise breaks down when he says "Everything is exactly the same," and the rest pretty much depends on that so...?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:17 PM on 18 March 2003

You're right. I shouldn't have used "exactly". One country is muslim and one's not. My bad.

What are the other differences?

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 7:29 AM on 19 March 2003

Geographical. Economic. Political. Geopolitical.

Need more?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 10:26 AM on 19 March 2003

I don't see any similarity between N. Korea and Iraq right now. Iraq was developing nuclear weapons in the late 80s, turned chemical and biological weapons on its own people, started a war with Iran in 1980 and invaded Kuwait in 1991. North Korea has spent the past 30 years going nowhere and only now moved toward nuclear technology. Iraq has been subject to UN monitoring for 12 years. It has violated 17 resolutions. 72+ reports of UNSCOM, UNMOVIC and IAEA have found Iraq withholding information, falsifying information, burying banned weapons and toying with the international diplomatic process. For 12 straight years, Iraq has refused to account for over 2000 tons of VX and 1000 tons of anthrax, along with 500+ mustard-gas-filled warheads and other chemical delivery systems. Oh, bother. Click HERE and read it before I wear my fingers out.

Posted by: Venomous Kate at 2:15 AM on 21 March 2003