The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 March 2003

Quagmire II

Many have tried, many have failed, to draw plausible parallels between Vietnam and Iraq.

Andrea Harris has succeeded:

It seems, in the end, to have turned out less horrid (at least in Vietnam) than it could have at least, the country is no North Korea but to this day I don't know why every Vietnamese person on earth just doesn't hate our guts. We dropped them like a hot rock and let the commies have them.

We dropped Iraq too, like a hot rock, though this was at the behest of the United Nations, an act which not only left Hitler Jr. in power, but in retrospect made the rest of the world think that we were the United Nations' bitch. No wonder everyone's so upset now. The high-class hooker thinks she can go into business without her pimp now, and you know nothing pisses pimps off more.

Not to mention those who depend on pimps for their livelihood or for their moral guidance.

Next on the to-do list is determining whether we've improved our handling of hot rocks.

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