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12 March 2003

The Home Front

I hold this truth, spoken by Susanna Cornett, to be self-evident:

Supporting our troops is something every American should be doing, no matter where your stance on the war. They're the ones who make this country safe.

This is the idea behind The Home Front. Why? Mike Hendrix, who created the site with Ms Cornett, explains:

[W]ith the current force structure we have, we rely on National Guardsmen and Reservists to get the job done. The sacrifice common to all soldiers is amplified for these men and women. Our part-time warriors are required not only to maintain a sharp edge of readiness, knowledge, and ability, but to juggle their military service with the pursuit of their careers in the private sector as well. And they're required to walk away from those careers when necessary, to abandon the eternal quest for a better life for themselves and their children for the sake of all of us, and at a moment's notice. They do so willingly, gladly, and without expectation of any real notice or remark. They get the job done calmly, quietly, and without boast; they are deserving not only of our gratitude but of a more concrete recognition of their sacrifice as well, as are all of our men and women in uniform.

That's why. Most of you, I suspect, didn't really need the explanation.

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