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11 March 2003

Welcome to the Post-Stipe Era

Senator Gene Stipe (D-McAlester), who has served in the state legislature since the French and Indian War, has abruptly resigned his seat, as projected by Chris at Fly Over Country a week ago.

Stipe's departure may or may not have something to do with the fallout from the failed Walt Roberts for Congress campaign of 1998, the investigation from which has so far resulted in charges against three individuals, one of whom is Stipe's assistant at his law firm. Stipe himself has not been named as a defendant.

As noted by Chris:

I am wildly speculating here, but his resignation seems to me the prelude to a plea agreement. The Feds got their pound of flesh by making him quit and he will probably get probation and a fine.

In defense of Stipe, he had better hair than Jim Traficant. And really, that's about it.

Posted at 3:33 PM to Soonerland

All I can say is, "Hallelujah"

Good riddance to bad rubbish - perhaps the single most detrimental influence on the state in the past 50 years (and that's saying a lot)

Posted by: Wylie at 10:38 AM on 13 March 2003

Gene Stipe's major accomplishment, I think, was taking care of Gene Stipe in the manner to which he had become accustomed. As legacies go, I've seen better.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:53 PM on 13 March 2003