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11 March 2003

Huevos to go

West Hartford, Connecticut has spoken, and restaurant co-owner Bob Potter will comply: his new Mexican eatery there will not bear the name "C. O. Jones".

Customers of Potter's restaurant in New Haven don't seem to object to the name, or to the ballsy Mexican cuisine served, and so far there has been no uproar about a third location, to open in Storrs this spring, but West Hartford is evidently more testy than tickled.

Posted at 2:14 PM to Worth a Fork

It's ridiculous ... another uptight Connecticut town

Posted by: Bob at 9:28 PM on 14 March 2003

They can't all be. Or can they?

Posted by: CGHill at 10:12 PM on 14 March 2003

West Hartford ,Darien, Westport ... all these towns are a little too concerned with image. Let the guy have fun with it.

Posted by: kylie at 6:34 AM on 15 March 2003

And just when I was thinking that the stereotype of the stuffy New Englander was getting ready to recede into the mists, too.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:34 AM on 15 March 2003

CO Jones is a great name. It has been in New Haven now for four years so what makes Ct all of a sudden complain about the name? Leave the brother be. What are you trying to do take away our Consitution right . that freedom of Expression. You can not take the name of a restaurant and turn it inot what you want it to be. I do't seee anyone complaining about it except Ct.
-BFFS- Brother's For Free Speech
Word Up

Posted by: CO Jones himself at 10:56 AM on 15 March 2003

What's the big deal? I thought it was a great name. COJones is welcome in PA anytime... Since we ACUTALLY have a sense of humor here!!!! There are HOOTERS all over the place why not COJones.....lmao... As for West Hartford, Connecticut get that STICK OUUTA YOUR @ss!!!!

Posted by: wendy charlton at 11:22 AM on 16 March 2003

yo playa word,

cojones is the homme hangout, bitch.
leave him be like i said before or you'll have to deal with me and my posse. we'll do a 1- 8-7 in ur ass brotha. so lay off my home boy of cojones. im out dawg
-BFFS- Brother for Free Speach

Posted by: CO Jones himself at 9:06 PM on 17 March 2003

Big deal.... it is just a name..
FYI for Wendy Charlton, CO Jones is basically in PA already. Big Burrito and Mad Mex is where Bob Potter learned how to create CO Jones.

I think it is funnier that they got publicity for it and now the name is "Mexican Restaurant" which is pretty straight forward. we love it and are there all the time.

Posted by: WH Resident at 1:07 PM on 27 October 2003