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7 March 2003

Putting the chill on Mugabe

American assets owned by President Robert Mugabe and about seventy other officials of the government of Zimbabwe have been frozen by the Bush administration.

President Bush took the action, according to the official order, because of ongoing political violence and a breakdown in the rule of law, for which Mugabe must take responsibility. The freeze follows a similar order imposed by the European Union in February. For the crumbling Zimbabwean government, this could be the last straw.

Posted at 4:40 PM to Political Science Fiction

I glad to see the U.S taking action against the Zimbabwean thug.

He is a prime candidate for regime change if ever there was one.

Posted by: bleeding brain at 12:33 AM on 8 March 2003

Maybe not the biggest threat to world peace you'll find, but one of the most effective practitioners of the make-life-miserable-for-your-countrymen school of thought. I shall shed no tears at his passing, and I assume that any Zimbabwean tears that are shed come from the eyes of Mugabe's inner circle.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:55 AM on 8 March 2003

But he must be an OK guy, surely? The country was handed to him on a plate with the blessing of the Lancaster House Agreement.(Take the above with a heavy dose of sarcasm).

One man, one vote - once!

It's often been said about Africa "You can't eat a vote" and it would have been nice if someone had thought of that first BEFORE removing the farmers.

Posted by: RC at 6:14 PM on 11 March 2003

Indeed. He was even more efficient at bringing on starvation than the Ronco Instant Famine Kit (as seen on TV). Of course, as a newbie, he was embraced as a harbinger of the New Africa, and some of the embracers are, shall we say, loath to admit that they may have been a trifle hasty in their assessment.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:35 PM on 11 March 2003