The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

26 February 2003

It's all about the Valvoline

Dean Esmay neatly disposes of those "No War For Oil" drones:

[I]f Bush and Cheney were really cynical, selfish shills to the oil companies, they'd do two things: 1) Help Saddam set his oil fields on fire, and 2) piss on the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah's shoes and dare him to cut oil production. If they wanted their Texas good old boy pals to get richer, and to make themselves more popular with union workers in that industry, that's exactly what they'd do.

I need hardly point out that neither of these things has been done.

Even if you don't buy the Administration's insistence that Iraqi oil belongs to the Iraqi people, you still have to deal with the law of supply and demand: if we were to seize the oil fields on behalf of the US, the sudden increase in supply would send crude prices plummeting hardly a desirable outcome for your stereotypical Texas petrobarons.

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