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25 February 2003

Tread on you

This one ought to be good for a sneer or two:

Consider this startling fact: the SUV is the only reason the United States has been unable to comply with the Kyoto Accord on air pollution.

The only "startling" thing about this statement is that some people, including Ted Rall, actually think it is a fact. It's not. And whether you think the Kyoto protocols are a good thing or not I don't horsepuckey like this does not advance the cause of the Greens, unless that cause is defined as "increasing population density by making the population dense."

Then again, I don't need to rail against Rall. That's Michele's job.

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The SUV does put out a lot of smog and Japan does have very little smog, maybe the SUV could have a lot to do with the fact that America isn't one of the leaders in Air Pollution, having the least, I mean. Hey if anyone has any facts to prove this fact true or false, please e-mail me at It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Posted by: Nick at 2:55 PM on 13 November 2003

I'm working on a scavenger hunt at my school and that is why I need to know. Thanks again everyone.

Posted by: Nick at 2:57 PM on 13 November 2003

Well, here's the deal: To the extent that the SUV burns more gasoline than other vehicles, it will be more of a factor in automotive-related air pollution.

The EPA's Fuel Economy Trends reports that for model year 2003, cars average 24.8 mpg, vans 19.6 mpg, SUVs 17.8 mpg, and pickups 16.8 mpg. The largest-selling individual vehicle is the Ford F-series pickup, which moves about 900,000 copies a year, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado truck. (Some years, the combined Chevrolet/GMC truck total they are essentially identical outsell the Fords.) Ford sells only half as many Explorers, the top-selling SUV. One could reasonably conclude that pickup trucks are at least as much of a factor in producing smog as are SUVs. But no one picks on pickups, perhaps because they're seen as work vehicles.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:12 PM on 13 November 2003

thanks you help me with the answer as well
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Posted by: Kristy at 11:05 AM on 14 November 2003

Yep, see ya ther, bring so soda for our victory gift.

Posted by: Eugene at 12:40 PM on 14 November 2003