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20 February 2003


Procter & Gamble, perhaps hoping to win some Brownie points from African Americans, announced that it would side with the University of Michigan in its battle to retain race-based affirmative-action programs in the face of White House opposition.

That was too much for one resident of P&G's home town of Cincinnati, who dispatched the following to the company:

Given your recently announced position regarding Michigan University and affirmative action I will no longer purchase P&G products. Your position is short sighted, self serving and, at this critical time in our country, a slap in the face to President Bush. Multi-culturalism and diversity are synonymous with mediocrity. That a company that owes [its] origins to a system of capitalism based on honest competition and the laws of the marketplace, your position is especially egregious. That you are headquartered in a city crippled by the same black activists your position apparently supports is doubly an insult.

I don't think Mr Bush has exactly put his Presidency on the line with his position in the Michigan affair, and it's not likely that he will view it as a slap, but P&G is basically trying to buy its way out of an unpleasant situation and they have no idea how bad this bargain is going to be.

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