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19 February 2003

The answer, my friend

Excerpting Lileks is rather like fixating on Marilyn Monroe a square inch at a time, but some things simply demand to be repeated, and this is one of them:

"It is time to think about human rights, not money," I heard one French protester say on the news. "War is not the answer to war." If it weren't for the autonomous nervous system, some of these people would die because they're too stupid to remember to breathe. War is always the answer to war if war is brought down upon you. Evil requires resistance. If a man in a crowd grabs your child from your arms, you do not wonder what brought him to this moment, or petition the city council for a resolution requiring him to hand over the skeletons of his previous victims. You stab him in the eyeball with your car keys.

'Nuff said.

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Great opening line, and exactly right.

Now, I've excerpted you.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 8:04 AM on 19 February 2003

How can anyone NOT understand that?

Posted by: Marc at 6:51 PM on 19 February 2003