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15 February 2003

No "fair and balanced" jokes, please

On Thursday, Mohammed Allawi, who had been covering the UN for the Iraqi News Agency, got a letter from the Deputy United States Ambassador to the UN, which told him bluntly that he had 15 days to pack his bags, gather his family, and get out of Dodge. According to the Bush administration, Allawi had "engaged in activities considered to be harmful to the security of the United States and those activities constitute an abuse of privilege of residence in this country."

The Iraqi government's response was to announce the expulsion of four Fox News staffers, to be gone by Monday, although it appears now that only reporter Greg Palkot will be forced out. With the remainder of their team still apparently allowed on site, Fox hopes to persuade Baghdad to allow a replacement.

The question naturally arises: why Fox? Could it be that Baghdad considers Fox News a greater threat than any of the other American news agencies?

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Interesting post.

Fox News reporters in Iraq do seem to report Hussein's propoganda a bit more skeptically than do others. I suspect the reason has more to do with the fact that Fox contributors in general are to more hawkish than those on other networks.

Posted by: Oscar Jr. at 9:39 PM on 15 February 2003

Been watching the same thing, and laughing my hiney off. This could get severely meta if anyone picks it up as a real story. Too bad my brain only goes a couple of levels deep.

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 10:06 PM on 15 February 2003