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14 February 2003

Down by the banks of the Ohio

Something is dreadfully wrong in Cincinnati, and this is the opening of a SpicedSass report:

I had not held much hope the black community in this town would respond reasonably to a simple matter of a cop apprehending and killing a criminal. No riots, but plenty of attitude and sneering simpering suspicions. The local apologist for the community writes a piece suggesting the "poor" victim became what he was in a vacuum.

"Sherrer's family plans to bury him Saturday. And our community is asking, again, why this had to happen."

Not rocket science. A life long criminal decided to continue as a criminal and was caught acting like a criminal and ran like a criminal and was shot like a criminal. And, no, the white community did not do a damn thing to help him along his chosen path, but, you might want to talk to his family about that.

Read the rest of it. I figure it's just a matter of time before Al Sharpton saunters in and tries to capitalize on the, um, incident; it wouldn't be the first time.

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Nor will it be the last.

Posted by: Steve at 9:49 PM on 14 February 2003