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12 February 2003

The view from Joisey

(Please note that I am not actually from New Jersey; nobody there calls it "Joisey".)

Last night, Glenn Reynolds posted an item about the "American street" and its willingness to support a boycott against recalcitrant ex-allies like France and Germany. I read that, shook my head, and decided that it would never happen; our band of happy consumers is simply too apolitical to worry about such things.

Later, it's another session in my usual chat haunt, and one of our regulars is expounding upon what appears to be a sudden shift in tastes. "I can no longer buy from the French," she explains. "They refuse to support us."

I made some jest about giving up French fries, but there it was. Your basic (Jewish, but whatever) soccer mom archetype, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat but utterly disconnected from politics except right around election time, is telling the French to blow it out l'aperture.

"I suspect a lot of people are starting to think this way," Reynolds had said. I suspect he's right.

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In Berlin, a few years ago, my sister bought an oval German sticker for her car. She placed it on her rear window, right next to a sticker of the American Flag. She recently told me she was considering removing the German sticker mainly because she feared that her car might be vandalized. I told her not to worry, a person stupid enough to vandalize a car is not smart enough to know that the D stands for Germany (Deutschland). :-)

Posted by: Donna at 1:31 PM on 12 February 2003