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7 February 2003

Our big fat Greek allies

David "Clubbeaux" Sims (that just looks so cool) isn't too impressed with Greece these days:

Greeks contribute the least to the E.U.'s funding and are the biggest freeloaders of E.U. welfare, yet squawk and strut and obstruct E.U. business as if they’re bankrolling the whole operation. One does not want to even begin to calculate the total tonnage of money America flushes down the Greek rathole. E.U. diplomats I met in Istanbul told me privately that if the E.U. had a mechanism for kicking countries out Greece would have been shown the door a long time ago.

So they're, um, obstreperous. Do they stand behind us when we need them?

The Wall Street Journal's editorial these facts: 87.8% of all Greek citizens are against military action in Iraq even with U.N. approval; more Greeks have a positive view of Saddam Hussein than of President Bush, and when asked "which country is more democratic, the U.S. or Iraq" a full 57% said "neither," and 8% said Iraq. On balance the French are more reliable allies than the Greeks.

Gad. What a bunch of Cretans.

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Cretans. Hee!

Posted by: Becky at 1:44 PM on 7 February 2003

"Our big fat Greek allies..." more clever than what I could come up with, good job.

Posted by: Clubbeaux at 2:18 PM on 7 February 2003

Very clever, Cretan! I have a couple of Greek friends, and the one time we got into the East/West schism, I thought maybe the Pope had come and personally clubbed their mother to death to warrant the venom produced.

Posted by: Patty at 3:22 PM on 7 February 2003