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5 February 2003

Lunatic pamphleteers

I'm not quite sure what's most annoying about this San Diego Union-Tribune piece about blogging: the rendering of URLs without making them clickable, the scattered typesetting commands that weren't screened out or converted to HTML, or the definition of "blogrolling" as "linking to sites that tend to share similar ideologies." On the far reaches of the political spectrum, maybe, but not for most bloggers within screaming distance of the mainstream.

On the other hand, Neal Pollack's characterization of bloggers as "lunatic pamphleteers shouting into the wind" that I'll buy.

(Muchas gracias: Becky at Paradigm Shifts.)

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Here's another link w/o all the format mumbo-jumbo. But the addys still aren't clickable. The first reference was just found via a search for "blogs". The second I found on Mikey's site.

The author certainly missed doing his research.

Posted by: Becky at 2:36 PM on 5 February 2003