The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 January 2003

The remains of MLK Day

Kevin Holtsberry is disturbed by what he saw on Dr. King's commemorative day:

I had a hard time celebrating MLK day because every time I turned on the radio or TV I had to listen to someone explaining how the President was a hypocrite or how Trent Lott was the real GOP. Martin Luther King, Jr. succeeded to the degree he did because he made Americans realize how much we had in common black and white. He called us to live up to our ideals. Too many of those who consider themselves his followers appeal not to what we share as Americans but what separates us. They don't call us to live up to our ideals but ask us to reject those ideals or face the wrath of the race mongers. You are either with us or against us they shout demanding uniformity in the name of diversity.

Wrathful souls, those race mongers.

But he's right, of course: forty years after "I Have a Dream", the dream has been defiled by a pack of opportunists, seeking privilege where Dr. King sought only equality, while the rest of us, black and white alike, are busy trying to get some work done.

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