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16 January 2003

And now, the news/talk

It's official: Renda Broadcasting's KOMA will drop the oldies on the AM side and switch to news/talk some time next month. How well they will fare is anyone's guess. KTOK, a Clear Channel station which has had this format to itself up to now, has a strong syndicated lineup (including Rush Limbaugh) but a decidedly weak news operation. And both stations' ointments have a fly to deal with: WKY, once its acquisition by Citadel is approved by the Feds, is also going news/talk. The Oklahoma City market (population about one million) can probably support two stations with this format, but three? The markets closest to Oklahoma City in size Rochester (New York) and Louisville have only one each. Then again, those stations score top ratings, which KTOK doesn't.

Posted at 10:42 AM to Overmodulation

KOMA in Oklahoma City? Man, I haven't heard that in about a thousand years. I'm not from Oklahome, but grew up in Kansas, and we used to get KOMA at night in northwest Kansas. It just brought back a lot of memories!

Posted by: Patty at 8:19 PM on 16 January 2003

To me, what else are you going to do with AM stations? :( Granted three NT's is a bit much but then we have =four= country stations.

Posted by: ms7168 at 6:25 AM on 17 January 2003

I expect we'll lose one of those country stations in the next year or so. Clear Channel owns two, so the weaker of the two is the more likely to get a format change though which is the weaker is currently in doubt.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:20 AM on 17 January 2003