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6 January 2003

Reverend Al, the bloggers' pal

The air abounds in snickers, and no, not the candy bar; I'm talking about Al Sharpton's Presidental ambitions, and the reactions thereto. To my knowledge, the first full-fledged blog endorsement of the Sharpton candidacy came from Kevin McGehee's blogoSFERICS. And it's not because Mr McGehee desires to see him elected, particularly:

It is long past time for the Democratic Party to put its nomination where its mouth is. If race deserves to be a defining issue in American politics, let's open the debate.

Actually, I think you could open the debate with (or, more interestingly, force the debate upon) any of the current Democratic field; apart from melanin levels and not having spent a lifetime on the public payroll, what's the difference between Sharpton and the competition?

Of course, I don't expect many to follow Mr McGehee's lead. A more typical response is this one from Acidman:

If I could buy him for what he's worth, then sell him for what he THINKS he's worth, I could retire tomorrow.

And that was one of the nicer things he said.

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The debate I want, though, is with all the Democrats who are going to come up with all the phony reasons why they can't nominate a black guy for President.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 10:08 AM on 7 January 2003

Seldom is the debate you want equal to the debate you get, but it would indeed be interesting to see how the self-proclaimed Party of the Downtrodden explains how it manages to come up with so few credible (i.e., unlike Cynthia McKinney) officeholders of, um, color.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:52 AM on 7 January 2003

Sooner or later we will. Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder would have been a good candidate. Too bad he didn't run.

As much as I hate to admit it, I do believe the first African-American President will be a Republican. And I think it will just be due to voting patterns.

Posted by: Martin at 4:11 PM on 8 January 2003