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31 December 2002

Things to come

This is the time of year when pundits issue predictions, and sometimes they prove to be absolutely stunning in their prescience. Needless to say, such a level of prognosticational perspicacity is the exception rather than the rule; apart from the occasional weather forecast, I've been consistently wrong on all manner of things. I do believe, however and since this is a meteorological prediction, sort of, there's a chance I might be right that Kevin McGehee has nailed it with this one:

There will be absolutely no remarkable weather at all, anywhere, in all of 2003 which will be presented as conclusive proof of global warming.

Somebody give that man a raise.

Posted at 8:38 PM to Dyssynergy

That settles it -- I'm getting a tip jar.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 9:13 PM on 31 December 2002

Tip: Don't bet next month's rent on the ponies.........


Posted by: Steve at 5:42 AM on 1 January 2003


Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 12:24 PM on 1 January 2003

Yeah. Let the horses pay their own damn rent.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:24 AM on 2 January 2003