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30 December 2002

Intriguing, she said

About the only thing I'm sure of in Michele's Ten Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002 competition is that whoever nominated me wasn't paying attention, or something.

Since we're supposed to cough up a list, here is mine, in no particular order:

  • Victorine Sclafani-Drachenberg, Liquid Courage (intellectually curious and frighteningly attractive)
  • John "Akatsukami" Braue, Rat's Nest (as thoughtful a grouch as you'll ever see)
  • Marc Lundberg, Quit That (writing his own blog software ensures his inclusion here)
  • Scott Ott, ScrappleFace (the funniest man alive, possibly even after he's dead)
  • Edward, lactose incompetent (a gentleman and a scholar, and a man with a past or two)
  • Susanna Cornett, Cut on the Bias (like the onion of yore, no matter how much you peel, there's still more)
  • Fred First, Fragments from Floyd (imagine Garrison Keillor with a sense of humor and a sense of priorities)
  • Jessie Rosenberg, Discriminations (she posts so little that she invites curiosity on that basis alone, and besides, she's a 16-year-old college junior, which ditto)
  • The pseudonymous Cinderella Bloggerfeller (an intellectual, a European, and yet not a leftist goofball)
  • Arthur Silber, The Light of Reason (fears no argument from anyone, anywhere, on anything)

I have duly submitted this list to Michele, who is free to discard it.

Posted at 3:12 PM to Blogorrhea

Thanks for the nomination. Happy New Year!

Posted by: C. Bloggerfeller at 2:15 PM on 31 December 2002

Well, better late than never to say thanks. Just ran across this generous inclusion of Fragments amongst the real bloggers. I wince at being compared in any way with Saint Garrison. He would wince worse. But that is high praise, indeed; thanks.

You travelling again this coming summer? If you've posted on that, I've missed it.

Good wishes for 2003!

Posted by: fredf at 5:34 AM on 5 January 2003