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30 December 2002

And it's all your fault

The Republicans have been calling for tort reform for some time, at least partially because trial lawyers are generally lined up under the Democratic banner, but mostly, I think, because there is increasing irritation with the ongoing whine of self-described victims: "I am hurt," they cry, "and somebody's gonna pay!" Whether the somebody in question is at all culpable is at best a secondary consideration.

I got a reminder of this last night in a chat room, courtesy (so to speak) of a person who, I am given to understand, has suffered some romantic reverses in recent months; while those who presumably hurt her keep a low profile, anyone she considers a friend or associate of the culprits is duly attacked on sight. (Well, except me: it is generally a waste of time to heap invective on me, since my reputation for payback in kind is fairly colossal, if largely undeserved, and besides, trying to hurt my feelings is rather like trying to cool off a glacier.) It was a dispiriting experience all around, comparable to watching fourth-graders taunting each other in the playground and trying out all the new words they learned watching Cinemax.

To paraphrase the bumper sticker: feces transpire. They always have, and they always will. In this Oprahzoid era when being a victim is the next best thing to being a celebrity, everyone wants a cut of the compensation fund whether it's deserved or not.

Personally, I think she should get a blog.

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Thought I'd post something (albeit fairly irrelevant to this particular subject), seeing as it's pretty quiet in the Comments department. Thanks to Mr. Hill for brightening an otherwise pretty depressing year for me, and hope it all goes well for you. Additionally (and somewhat worryingly!), I find myself agreeing more and more with your perceived point of view.

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Rob at 5:29 PM on 30 December 2002