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22 December 2002

Curse you, Irving Berlin

In days of old when knights were bold and tinsel not invented, snow right before the 25th of December was viewed as an annoyance and an impediment to travel. Which, of course, it was.

Nowadays, by which is meant the last sixty years, almost everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas, and entirely too often those dreams come true: we're going to be staring at half a foot of snow before the reindeer make that last pass over the housetops.

Women I know on the East Coast will sneer at the mention of a mere six inches, but there's at least a measurable chance that the car nearest to them on a frozen road will be occupied by an individual who actually might know how to drive on the the damnable stuff. We don't get odds that good here on the Lone Prairie. Come to think of it, hardly anyone here knows how to drive in July, either.

And if you must listen to "White Christmas," Bing is good Bing is always good but the Drifters, in this instance, are better.

Posted at 6:55 PM to Almost Yogurt

When my mom and dad were newlyweds, they lived for a time in central Iowa near his folks, and Mom, a Montana gal, had her first serious encounter with ice. On one occasion she actually skidded -- sans vehicle -- down the length of her front walk and went face-first into the icy grass.

You guys get that kind of thing, and snow is a problem?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 7:57 AM on 23 December 2002

Looks like you OKC-ers will get the proverbial white xmas this time around -- not so here in GF, MT, where we have the cold, but not the moisture. Enjoy!

ps - maybe some pix of the snow?

Posted by: DavidMSC at 7:57 AM on 23 December 2002

I've done some serious slipping and sliding in my time. Given the choice of 5 inches of snow or 0.05 inches of freezing rain, I'll take the snow every time. Unfortunately, we usually get the ice and then the snow on top of it.

We may look southern, but when the arctic winds kick in, there's nothing between here and Saskatchewan to hold them back. It usually doesn't get wicked cold about the coldest day I can remember here was this day in '89, when it was about 9 below but this sort of thing is not conducive to clearing the roads, and we'd had six inches of snow a week before, most of which was still in place.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:55 AM on 23 December 2002

I've lived in So. Cal and in Utah and nothing beats a warm Christmas. The snow sucks.

Posted by: zip code at 3:31 PM on 23 December 2002

I thought white christmases were politically incorrect.

8" for Christmas Day in CT. Now if we could just get some snow. Rimshot.

Posted by: SWINTBN at 6:04 PM on 23 December 2002

So much for my delusions of adequacy.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:11 PM on 23 December 2002