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22 December 2002

When rights become uncivil

This week in The Vent: color-blindness as a destination, and some problems encountered along the journey.

One of the points I attempted to make, largely by borrowing the words of other bloggers, is that while the Democrats are generally the ones playing the race card, the Republicans have played less and accomplished more.

Rosemary Esmay, to illustrate this point, has put up a time line, and Dean Esmay has chimed in with the following comment:

On the whole, you can pick any I said ANY ten-year period in American history and you will find the Republican record on race and civil rights is better than the Democrats'.

Obviously we're not out of the woods yet "You can spend eternity listing all the places where things could have and should have been done better," says Dean but if the GOP can continue to press for actual equality of opportunity, as opposed to the bizarre handicapping schemes called for in recent Democratic dogma, we'll get there, and we'll get there in one piece. Remember that number: one. Last time I looked at the Constitution, I didn't see any references to the Multicultural States of America.

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I've always felt that this was the case. Thanks for saying so.

Posted by: Marc at 1:52 PM on 22 December 2002