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20 December 2002

Lady looks like a dude

Have Playboy Playmates become androgynous? Not quite. But there is, apparently, a marked trend away from the hourglass: over nearly half a century of centerfolds, the average bust and hip sizes have dropped somewhat, while waistlines have actually increased. What's more, although the average height has gone up, as it has in the general population, the average weight is essentially unchanged over the study period.

I'm not quite sure what I think about this. I do know that present-day Playmates, however attractive they may be, tend to be about my daughter's age or below, which has the effect of making whatever enjoyment I derive from their photos seem inevitably somewhat creepy, a situation Steely Dan would have understood.

On the other hand, Miss January 2003 is thirty-five (link possibly NSFW), by a slight margin the oldest woman ever to appear in the magazine's signature feature. (Of course, I read the articles first.)

Posted at 3:33 AM to Almost Yogurt

The part I don't understand is the waistlines this related to diet or sport, or both

Posted by: jesus gil at 3:56 AM on 20 December 2002

I'm guessing that 50 years ago, whittling the waist was the most important thing, hence the popularity of Serious Restraint Wear (girdles and such). Today, there's more of a (I hate to say this) holistic approach; everything gets toned more or less equally, and only then are "problem" areas attacked.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:08 AM on 20 December 2002

Hrm...after much thought, I want my Playmates curvy, not angled. Guess I better go buy one so I can stay abreast [I'm not sorry!] of the latest treneds.

I love the message board line "truly Texan tits". Can life get any plainer?

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 7:46 PM on 21 December 2002