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18 December 2002

Somewhere a mixed marriage

The latest trend in spam, it seems, is to insert a name in the FROM: field that looks almost believable, with the hope that the recipient, seeing that it's not from, might actually look at it before hitting Delete.

I said "almost". Today in my Hotmail box, which I use mostly for spam collection, was the usual item about how to leverage Euro currency (which is probably no more believable than that "World Currency Cartel" stuff), ostensibly from a fellow named, um, Mohammad Schlottman.

Methinks their name-generating algorithm needs a little tweaking.

Posted at 3:04 PM to Scams and Spams

Lord, what's next? "Shlomo bin Laden"?

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 5:24 PM on 18 December 2002

Somewhere on the East Coast, I have heard, there is an Italian-American family named Gallagher; supposedly, when the first family members arrived at Ellis Island, they were processed by a clerk who couldn't for the life of him spell "Guglieri".

Posted by: CGHill at 7:20 PM on 18 December 2002

Could be. Some in the McGehee clan suspect that our name was the result of a semiliterate Jamestown, VA clerk who couldn't understand the Highland brogue, failing to recognize "MacGregor" when he heard it.

Posted by: Kevin McGehee at 5:22 AM on 19 December 2002