The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 December 2002

Lock box

Those huge sort-of-rectangular shipping containers are common sights at port cities, not so common elsewhere. Certainly you wouldn't expect one in Calera, Oklahoma. But there it is, next door to the police department, blocking the view of the mural painted on the building's side.

This big ol' box is Calera's response to being charged as much as $800 a month by Bryan County for use of the county jail. The shipping container can hold as many as twelve inmates on a short-term basis; cots are anchored to the interior walls.

Many residents consider the box to be an eyesore, and after the complaints started to pile up, the trustees of the town decided to schedule an election in March to determine whether it should be kept or removed.

Me? I don't know. It's definitely not very pretty. On the other hand, it's a jail, not a museum; a certain amount of starkness would seem to be inherent in the concept.

Posted at 7:30 AM to Soonerland

you know that the containers are gone now they are at the old lagoons in calera ok, james eaton will probaly sell them and pocket the money . You know it is a shame that he profits from his position, such as selling the city tires, he ownes a tire shop and this is illegle but the other council people says nothing, his wife is a employee with the city talk about conflict. no mater what he dose the city clerk and town treasure will cover him with a paper trail. you now someone art to check into the kickback he got off of the fire dept. being built. the company from colbert that builds metal building is a very good friend with Mayor Eaton and you know they just came under the other people bidding the job, now they got it and dang if the didn't go about 40,000.00 over what they bid and then after that mayor eaton got a new tire shop built by same company at a discount, this is just a tip of the ice burg in calera ok.

Posted by: david woods at 4:44 PM on 10 August 2003

Talk about sour grapes, perhaps Calera Oklahoma should be thankful that Mayor Eaton does have contacts and can get things done. You mention nothing about the surplus of funds that were available in the city's account during Mayor Eaton's last tenure as mayor of Calera and the squandering of those funds during his absence from that position. As far as his wife being an employee of the city as animal control officer, in a small town it is not unusual to have families working in the same business. It is not like he is the Chief of Police and she works directly under him. She also held that position during the time that Mr. Eaton was not the mayor of this fine little burg, so it is not like she is employed because of him holding the position of mayor. The fiasco of the lock box was an undertaking that cost the town much more than originally planned, was not planned well, and would not be a permanent solution since the "jail" could only hold detainees a minimal amount of time. The detainees would eventually have to be let go after 4 hours or transported to where??? Not to mention the cost the need to employee a jailer and you just thought $800 a month was too much of an expense. The election showed the wishes of Calera's voters with the removal of the lock boxes. Get over it.

Posted by: lyndall at 9:21 AM on 20 September 2003