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17 December 2002

Worst-kept secret

The evolution (or maybe "mutation") of Citadel Radio's KQBL continues apace. In a move that surprises absolutely no one, "104.9 The Bull" will move after Christmas to 96.9, which is currently running something called "The Bull's Oklahoma Christmas" 24/7. What is yet unknown is the fate of the 104.9 facility. Will Citadel revive its K-Spy alt-rock format, last heard (barely) at 105.3? Will the Sports Animal return with a simulcast of WWLS-AM 640? Is something entirely different in the works? Nobody is saying for sure yet.

Posted at 12:02 AM to Overmodulation

This morning, driving in to work, I was listening to the Morning Animals and they said WWLS was going to return to 104.9 on the 27th of Dec.

This makes sense to me, just as a radio listener, b/c 104.9 sounds more like a frequency for Sports Radio than 105.3, which I assume they will take full time to The Spy, which means I can finally quit Listening to WOXY, 97X The Future of Rock and Roll on the net and OKC gets a really cool music station. Assuming of course, they ban Creed, et. al from the playlist.

Posted by: Chris at 12:20 PM on 18 December 2002

K-Spy's (assuming it ends up on 105.3) little 800-watt signal just isn't going to cut it anywhere east of I-35; there's an application in to move up to 3k or so, but that's still majorly weak, and given the horrendous audio processing at Citadel's Wild 97.9, a 6k station, I worry that it will be barely listenable even if they don't play Creed.

The real wild card in this deal is Tyler, which is awaiting approval of its proposed 99.7 facility in Tuttle.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:23 PM on 18 December 2002

Funny, I can pick up The Spy east of I-35 in a lot of places. Sure, it's not great, but I think people exaggerate how bad the signal is. I've picked up 105.3 in Midwest City and Moore pretty well in the car.

Also, I haven't heard Creed on The Spy one time. They make fun of The Buzz for playing them.

Posted by: Jimmy at 12:08 AM on 20 December 2002

Cars, at least, tend to have better antenna systems than our home machines. And with future plans seemingly graven in stone 105.3 is apparently going to continue as the Spy 24/7, while the Sports Animal simulcast returns to 104.9 there may be a lot of presets being reset next week.

And yes, I am east of I-35.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:44 AM on 20 December 2002