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13 December 2002

Name your poison

I know from nothing about Encover, Inc., but its name, at least, strikes me as aggressively bland. Floyd McWilliams, who actually saw the name affixed to an office, is a bit blunter:

This is a typical Silicon Valley dot-com name, and it sucks. "Encover" sounds like an English word being mangled by, say, a wild and crazy guy from Bratislava.

Is it even English? I keep wanting to give it a French twist (ahnh-ko-VAY). Doesn't help.

Posted at 8:42 AM to Almost Yogurt

Sounds like the name of a bad British boy band.

Posted by: Vicky at 4:11 PM on 13 December 2002

There are good British boy bands?

Posted by: CGHill at 4:22 PM on 13 December 2002