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12 December 2002

Trent control

John Rosenberg is taking a proactive approach to the Trent Lott question, by writing his two Senators:

I grew up in Alabama under segregation. I abandoned the Democrats only when they abandoned their committment to colorblindness. I didn't switch parties to have the Senate Majority Leader of my new party endorse the 1948 Dixiecrats. A real apology might have attenuated my anger, somewhat, but Lott's tepid non-apology simply added fuel to the fire he lit.

I have supported and voted for you in the past, but if you vote for keeping Trent Lott as Majority Leader I will think long and hard before doing so again.

I don't think I'll have to go to this much trouble with my two Senators, since one of them (Ditzy Don Nickles) is probably even now angling for Lott's position.

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My two Senators are another story. Warner is too busy always trying to look like a statesman to do much, and Allen seems to be having too much fun to get his hands dirty. Still haven't heard from Allen, or anything from Warner after his all-purpose "thanks for writing" auto-response email.

For what it's worth, I have just argued here that everything that's being held against Lott shouldn't be -- especially his support for Bob Jones against the IRS -- but that simply strengthens the argument that he should leave: his support will discredit even sensible things he says or supports.

Posted by: John Rosenberg at 8:10 AM on 12 December 2002

Demonization, as practiced in America, is pretty much an all-or-nothing process; I figure by the end of this week someone will have Photoshopped up a shot of Lott leading a lynch mob in Tupelo.

Lott's remaining defenders will argue that it's all political, and it is, but now that the GOP is finally in a position to break up that unholy marriage between the Democratic Party and African-American "leaders" of the Jackson/Sharpton axis, they can't afford anyone with the slightest air of Jim Crow about him even if he'd been an effective advocate for the party otherwise, which Lott hasn't.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:06 AM on 12 December 2002