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11 December 2002

Those Kentucky back roads

During the World Tour, I caught my breath long enough to say something about driving in rural Kentucky, and it seemed to go over fairly well, so I'm happy to pass on a second opinion.

The following paragraph comes from Jean Jennings, editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine, and she's describing a late-October (I think) slide through the countryside.

It was election time in Kentucky, and all of our turns were marked by clumps of campaign posters for people with names like Peanuts, Lacey, Doc, Dot, Butch, and Buford. There was a Bobby Lee, a Ricky Lee, a Proctor, a Thurston, and a Catfish. You got the idea that a guy named Jim or Bob might not have much of a chance at the polls, but a guy named Jim Bob could rule the world. The sumac was on fire, and tobacco hung browning in big, weathered barns. It was 59 degrees, and we had a blast, splitting into two groups and gathering at the day's end to tell tales and compare favorite road sections.

Of course, this was before they rolled the Ford SVT Focus, but that was in Tennessee.

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Your good.

Posted by: Bobby Lee at 10:01 PM on 3 April 2003

Your are good.

Posted by: Bobby Lee at 10:01 PM on 3 April 2003