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7 December 2002

Without honor in our own home

George Lang churned out a five-page piece about blogs for the Oklahoma Gazette this week, with quotes from Joshua Micah Marshall, Andrew Sullivan and Joe Conason, screen shots from all of the above plus one from Glenn Reynolds, and the obligatory interview with a journalism professor in this case, Mark Hanebutt of the University of Central Oklahoma, who opined:

If I were an editor again at a paper, I would be assigning somebody to pay attention to these. If you look at some of these Web logs, it's people who are talking about the aftereffects, the aftershocks, the fallout of an event and how it might affect them or how it might push over other dominoes.

Reasonable enough. But George, couldn't you have found it in your heart to talk to so much as one blogger actually in Oklahoma?

Posted at 1:39 PM to Blogorrhea , Soonerland

Yeah, but he probably thought that since Dustbury is actually a "state of mind," it wasn't actually IN Oklahoma...

Posted by: DavidMSC at 1:49 PM on 7 December 2002

He needn't have talked to me. Now, Cato the Youngest or Poet and Peasant those blogs would have made for good discussions. But they're in area code 918, which the Gazette considers to be as remote a land as Senegal.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:23 PM on 7 December 2002

918 sux! 405 rulz! (evil chuckle)

Posted by: DavidMSC at 12:07 AM on 8 December 2002

My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the cover of the most recent Gazette. Not that I would have minded some publicity for actual OK Bloggers, but I honestly felt like I was about to get "outed" as a blogger. It was a weird feeling. I don't really run Fly Over for anyone else except me and Mike (and my dad reads every day).

Posted by: Chris at 12:31 PM on 9 December 2002

I'm debating whether to send the author a suitable nastygram, or to let him find this thread on his own.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:25 PM on 9 December 2002

I think the nastygram should be along the lines of the liberal media bias shown in the story. Blogging is essentially a libertian/conservative phenom, or at least started that way, and nothing in the story indicated that.

Besides, how's he going to find the thread if he can't even be bothered to do even a sidebar on OK blogs?

Posted by: Chris at 4:12 PM on 9 December 2002

Well, he also writes a lot of the music articles in the paper, so (stereotype alert!) he's probably set aside some time each week for Googling himself.

And Google's already trawled for this article, so if he digs even a little, he's bound to find it.

I probably should write him anyway, though.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:02 PM on 9 December 2002

Well, I did drop a note to George Lang, and he hinted that given the sheer proliferation of bloggage, there will inevitably be more coverage in the Gazette.

Fair enough, I'd say. At least he reads his mail and finds time to answer it. If he were getting email at the Lileks or Reynolds level, we'd never hear from him at all - there's just too much of it. (Actually, I'm batting 1 for 2 getting answers from Lileks, which is probably better than I deserve.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:44 AM on 10 December 2002