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4 December 2002


Spark is not happy with the unsolicited assessment she received:

Today, the garage attendant said to me, "If there's a movie with a librarian in it, I'll recommend you."

I asked, "Why?"

"Because you remind me of one."

And apparently this is not something to which she aspires:

Have you ever heard of a sexy librarian? Here I thought I had the sex-kitten-trapped-in-an-intellectual's-body thing going on, and all the time I just look like a goddamn librarian.

What better place to trap a sex kitten inside the body of an intellectual than at the Reference Desk?

Lloyd Dobler would understand.

Posted at 7:31 AM to Table for One

I don't think we'll ever reach this point, but it would frighten the hell out of me if women ever really and truly understood how much power they really hold over all of us, even in unsexy librarian mode.

Quit scaring me...

Posted by: Scott Chaffin at 10:44 PM on 4 December 2002

Oh, they know......

Posted by: Steve at 7:16 AM on 5 December 2002