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22 November 2002

Cannon fodder

Now here's a headline: Join U.S. military, degrade humanity. Is it Fisk? Pilger? Chomsky, fercrissake? Nope. Just an English major at San Diego State, unaccountably posted to the job of Opinion Editor at the student newspaper, who's already decided that those who wear the uniform of the United States of America are dupes at best. To give him the maximum amount of credit, well, yes, that qualifies as Opinion. I assume that it's based on his extensive experience with PlayStation2, since obviously he's not going to sully his precious bod with something as mundane as fatigues.

What do you get when you take the oath? Says this Opinion Editor, you get the opportunity to "be a tool for imperialism and bastardize human life all around the globe." Admittedly, more than a few of the troops overseas have gotten some of the locals in a family way, but I'm sure this isn't what he meant by "bastardize". "In actuality," he says, "our military is designed for aggression. In the modern world of diplomacy and nuclear capability, our need for physical defense is extremely less than the number of troops and size of our budget."

(Aside: What the hell kind of English major comes up with a phrase like "extremely less"?)

So in this modern world (apologies to Tom Tomorrow) there are but two options: diplomacy and nukes. If we can't talk Saddam into disarming, we can always roast him and the rest of Baghdad over an open fire. I'm sure this isn't what the kid meant to say, but it sure sounds like what he said.

And "when you join the military, you give years of your life to corruption and death. Today's soldiers are not heroes deserving of unconditional respect they are enforcers of economic domination with blood on their hands." I've been out of the uniform for almost a quarter of a century and I resent the hell out of that; imagine how well I'd take it were I still a soldier.

Michele at A Small Victory has seen this sort of thing over and over again:

Not one of these cowards ever thinks of what would happen if the U.S. just disbanded its armed forces and sat back and observed the rest of the world in action. They never think about the consequences of not going into these countries, of not fighting for democracy and freedom. They only think of what will look good on their protest signs. They think they are so brave and daring, but the real brave and daring ones are out their making sure that this country remains a place where dissent can be voiced without fear.

I don't know how cowardly this guy is, but I'd bet he's got WarbloggerWatch bookmarked.

Oh, well, he's still young. He'll grow out of it. Right now, though, he presents a compelling case for reinstating the draft.

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This Turd is representatitve of a dying, but not quite moribund class of counter-culturalists that need to change their bong water...or least quaff it quickly. Maybe, they'll mellow out.

Posted by: Paul at 9:38 AM on 22 November 2002

I was "young" when I enlisted. His age, or lack of it, has less to do with his mindset than his indoctrination. Maybe it has to do with his guts, or lack thereof, that's the determining factor.

In either event, until and unless he's walked in those (ahem) boots, he knows not whereof he speaks.

Posted by: Steve at 8:51 PM on 22 November 2002

As one of the 'dupes' I would not want him in the service. It it hard enough being a NCO with subordinate soliders who joined merely to pay for college, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to serve with someone like him who was drafted.

Posted by: Jim at 12:17 PM on 24 November 2002

Don't you just love the hat he's wearing? It looks so good with his T-shirt and goofy expression.

Posted by: Bill Peschel at 4:40 PM on 28 November 2002