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9 November 2002

A reason to celebrate

Steven Den Beste reminds us that with the Republicans controlling the Senate, Fritz Hollings (D-Disney), ousted as Chair of the Commerce Committee, is no longer in a position to give much of a push to his miserable "Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act", a bill with five co-sponsors, four of them Democrats. The Captain had previously derided this measure as the "MPAA/RIAA Wet-Dream Act of 2002", and he was being generous.

Is the CBDTPA well and truly dead? Not necessarily, but Den Beste looks at it this way:

[Hollings] might try to introduce that bill next year, anyway, but he won't have much luck with it. There's little chance of something like this getting the time of day in a Republican-controlled Senate. I certainly don't think that it's because of any kind of noble impulse by the Republicans; it's just that they'll think that the computer industry is a lot larger and more important to the US than the record and movie industries, and the computer and semiconductor companies all hate it, not to mention the Republicans' general antipathy to that kind of government meddling in business affairs.

And, lest we forget, Hollywood's tendency to pour money into Democratic campaign coffers.

You wanna know why all the bloggers hated the Democrats, Bunkie? It's because all the bloggers have computers.

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