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28 October 2002

The blame game (Michael!)

A couple of years ago, I said some unkind (and, in retrospect, quite justifiable) things about the Clinton administration's War on Guns, and somewhere therein I came up with this:

[I]f a stolen Colt Defender is used in a crime, it's somehow Colt's fault? This makes no sense whatsoever. Then again, the idea isn't to make sense; it's to tie up gun makers in the courts so they can't fight back against the demonization of their products. It's the same process the government has traditionally used against "pornography", whatever that may be, and it's just as odious in this application.

Whether it made sense or not, it seemed to appeal to Michael Moore, who tossed off this snarky comment at his own Web site (let him get his own damn linkage):

[T]hank you, Bushmaster Firearms, Inc., for providing the gun used to shoot the 13 people in the DC area.

If one follows this pattern, is there a next step? Rachel Lucas shows where this train of thought might stop next:

And thank you, Boeing, for providing the four aircraft used to murder 3,000 people last year. After all, we wouldn't want to hold the 19 hijackers solely responsible for that mass murder. Let's blame the guys who built the airplanes! They surely could not have knocked down two giant buildings without them. Thanks, Boeing!

It's certainly a logical progression. And look at all that jet fuel why, it's flammable! How could they put something like that aboard a plane full of people?

Identifying the correct villain is apparently too much for some people. I expect, in the near future, someone will file suit against Satan for...oops, too late.

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Michael Moore also tries to pin it all on Bush by offering this non sequitur.

"Bushmaster's president, Richard E. Dyke, was the Maine finance chairman of George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential campaign"

Posted by: Ravenwood at 5:50 PM on 29 October 2002

Criminy. "Are you now, or have you ever been, a Republican?"

Of course, if everyone to the right of, well, me, were to just vanish into thin air some day, people like Michael Moore would have to go get real jobs. (I have not seen Bowling for Columbine, but if you ask me, Canadian Bacon basically unraveled any reputation Roger and Me earned for Moore as a filmmaker.)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:09 PM on 29 October 2002