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20 October 2002

Let's go out to the lobby

Apparently The New York Times believes that the National Rifle Association, by no small margin, is the mightiest lobbying group of them all. John Rosenberg of Discriminations demonstrates:

[C]onsider the following results from a Nexis search of the New York Times for "gun lobby" and comparable phrases:

gun lobby 545 hits
civil rights lobby 13
peace lobby 12
gay rights lobby 8
feminist lobby 4
privacy lobby 2

Does this suggest that all the NGOs that serve in, um, an advisory capacity to the Democratic Party would be better served by combining themselves into one humongous National Leftist Association? I imagine it would probably simplify things for writers at The New York Times.

(Note: This was almost called Foyer amusement, but I came to my senses at the last moment.)

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