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15 October 2002

Direct miscommunication links

Dr Dinah Dienstag makes it four for four with another look inside the mind (for lack of a better word) of the Idiotarian, courtesy of the endlessly-redecorating Cinderella Bloggerfeller.

Throughout history idiotarians have been gifted with telepathic powers denied to mere mortals. They, and they alone, were capable of chanelling the deepest thoughts of God, the People, the Nation, thoughts so deep that God, the People and the Nation were unaware that they had had them. When God speaks through David Icke, the Supreme Being mysteriously always has a BBC sport reporter's accent, when Gore Vidal speaks for the People, the People seem to have acquired an oddly patrician drawl. Now God and the People and the Nation are old hat and it's the mind of the Terrorist that every fashionable idiotarian wants to interpret. We must understand him. By 'understanding' we don't mean listen to what he actually has to say, we mean wangle his words into something resembling our own personal agendas.

God forbid anyone should be goofy enough to try to channel me.

And suspicion of those who have putative communications with the supernatural, quite understandably, goes back many centuries, or at least as far back as Henry IV, Part One:

Owen Glendower: "I can call spirits from the vasty deep."

Hotspur: "Why, so can I, or so can any man;
But will they come when you do call for them?"

I do hope that no one is calling for terrorists, and that none come if called.

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