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6 October 2002

The post-Torch firestorm

Yesterday I muttered something about how the GOP ought to make this New Jersey election debacle into a campaign issue.

John Rosenberg, now in his new Sekimori-designed digs, points out that it's already a campaign issue for Doug Forrester, should he be sensible enough to pick up on it, and offers a speech fragment that's right on the money:

"My friends, our Democratic opponents are right about one thing: this election will indeed have a significant impact on the direction of our country. The one-vote Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate has been blocking the nomination of judges who will apply the law as written. They prefer judges who will ignore plain text and 'liberally construe' statutes when it suits their own partisan purposes. If you want judges who will 'liberally construe' a 51 day deadline so that it is no deadline at all, then by all means vote for my opponent, who benefited from their liberal construing. If you want judges who will be bound by law rather than who feel free to create it, then vote for me."

When something doesn't work, I am the first person in line to say "Get rid of it," but no one, I believe, can argue with a straight face that the New Jersey election laws pertinent to this case had in any way failed.

(Oh, and "Sekimori", in case you were wondering, is an ancient Malayan word that means "We can draw this better than you ever could, so don't even think about it." Terse folks, those Malayans.)

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Thanks for your good words. By the way,
this site looks terrific, all the more so since you probably did it yourself!

Posted by: John Rosenberg at 7:43 PM on 6 October 2002

Thanks. For a guy with no discernible graphic talent, I think I did well enough.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:55 PM on 6 October 2002