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4 October 2002

The Windows slam shut

Microsoft has given the Oklahoma City Public Schools until 14 October to rid themselves of software not complying with Microsoft license agreements, and the district has launched a major software-license audit.

In the first pass, the district found 1700 PCs with questionable licensing, each of which could theoretically generate a $500 fine from Redmond; a second pass is scheduled to begin today. "I think we're in pretty good shape," said Jerry Dimmitt, team leader for the audit, "but we have so many computers it will be difficult to catch everything." The district has a site license from Microsoft for volume purchases, but it doesn't cover software acquired before the license, and most of the offending stuff, as it happens, is installed on PCs donated to the district, many of which will have to be weeded out to pass the audit.

The district is also putting out a list of minimum standards for donated machines, which reads as follows:

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
  • Pentium III processor with 64 MB Memory, 6GB Hard Drive, 3.5" Floppy, CD- ROM, SoundBlaster sound adapter, and an Ethernet 10/100 network adapter.
  • Monitor- 15" SVGA 1024x680, .28 pitch with an IBM standard monitor connector.
  • Keyboard- 101 key with a PS2 connector
  • Mouse- 2 button with or without the scroll wheel. PS2 connector.
A certificate of license for that product must accompany any software on the donated computers.

So don't even think about bringing over that old 286.

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