The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

2 October 2002


As usual, the most sensible commentary on the mess in New Jersey comes from Minnesota. Behold the words of Lileks:

"If the [no ballot changes this late] law is upheld, then 'democracy' is thwarted. Really? There will be an election with a ballot whose names are the ones chosen by voters in the primary. Sounds 'democratic' to me. After all, Torricelli didn't quit because he discovered an eight-pound neoplasm in his small intestine, or had his brain turned into a fine red mist when a marble-sized meteorite from the Oort cloud struck him in a 7-11 parking lot. He's not even under indictment. He resigned because there was such a bad odor coming from him and his campaign that actual wavy cartoon stink lines were coming off him, and the cameras were starting to pick it up. He was going to lose. So he quit."

And those are the kindest words he has for the Torch. Why would Lileks care about a Senate race in Jersey, anyway?

"The Torricelli situation in New Jersey interests me, because it affects the composition of the Senate, and the Senate affects the composition of my bank account."


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