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28 September 2002

Boosting the tech sector

Wynken, Blynken and Nod, the three candidates for governor of Oklahoma, do seem to agree on two things: that we ought to have a technology sector, and that it ought to be encouraged.

Oh, and one other thing: that the means by which this encouragement would be implemented should be as vague and inchoate as possible, at least until the election.

Actually, with dot-com dominoes still dropping, there may be nothing left of Oklahoma's tech sector by November but me. And frankly, none of these guys does anything for me.

Posted at 12:06 AM to Soonerland

Oklahoma technology industry?

Would that involve them newfangled transistor radios?

(Okay, okay, bad joke. Sue me.)

Posted by: Dean Esmay at 6:44 PM on 28 September 2002

Do you have any idea how many 12AU7 vacuum tubes it takes to run a lowly SoundBlaster 128 PCI?

Posted by: CGHill at 6:56 PM on 28 September 2002

i bet i would if i had any clue what you just typed...

Posted by: beth at 1:43 PM on 30 September 2002

Vacuum tubes, I suspect, are before your time -although you'd probably like them, since they're about a hundred times bigger than transistors and give off a whole lot of heat. Besides, they have this eerie glow at times.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:49 PM on 30 September 2002

oooOOOooo! that'd be good in the winter! can i keep one in my back yard and use it to heat my house? that'd be sooo great! hehe.

Posted by: beth at 2:51 PM on 1 October 2002

You don't want it in the back yard: first drop of moisture, and the glass enclosure goes to pieces.

My very first radio, circa 1961, ran on five tubes, and it did a better job of keeping my room warm than the ostensible heating system did.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:51 PM on 1 October 2002

oh wow... when you said 100 times bigger than transistors, i was thinking of those... big boxes on light poles. man. i really come off as intelligent on your comments don't i? TRANSFORMERS! thats what they're called! yippie! i was thinking of that. no idea how big a transister is. okay, i'mma be quiet now.

Posted by: beth at 11:39 AM on 2 October 2002