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24 September 2002

Pay me to stay home

How can anyone possibly oppose paid family leave? Dodd Harris can, and he has darn good reasons:

"[S]ince it...caps out at 55% of their wages (up to a maximum of US$728/week), many times many will not be able to afford the time off even with the check from the state Treasury. So what it really means is that relatively affluent workers will get paid leave at the expense of those who live paycheck to paycheck."

And, of course, that's only the half of it:

"This is pure election year vote buying at its most egregious: The measure doesn't even go into effect for over a year-and-a-half which means it won't start really impacting the state's already strained budgets until eGray's term is almost up, leaving it as a headache with which his successor will have to deal, not him."

(Internal link added by me.)

Somehow this reminds me of what happened with California's electric "deregulation": it seems that Governor Davis and his minions huddled together, considered all the available options, and discarded any that might have actually worked.

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