The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

20 September 2002

Get the PNAC

Joshua Claybourn weighs in on that think-tank piece that so spooked the Europeans:

"Think tanks are always drawing up reports and suggestions like this, and they’re always giving them to politicians. Visit any Washington office and you'll [see] scores are delivered each day. This particular report is so 'secretive' that it's been placed prominently online. This is nothing more than some very well thought-out report that was sent to political leaders. Bush never had a long-standing plan to go after Iraq. [Reporter Neil] Mackay is dishonest, ignorant, or both. He should be fired. Memo to people everywhere: this story is nothing, so don't make it out to be something."

Exactly so. Some of the PNAC brain trust indeed wound up on the Bush team, but in 2000, when this report appeared, they had no official status whatsoever. Do the Europeans not have think tanks of their own? Or are they just emotionally wedded to the notion of Bush fils as the Avenging Son, bound and determined to pay back the enemies of Bush père?

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