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9 September 2002

Principles, schminciples

Today's spam comes from Trent Franks, a "principled, pro-family conservative Republican" running for Arizona's Second District House seat, up for grabs now that incumbent Bob Stump is retiring after 26 years. Franks has five opponents in tomorrow's GOP primary, none of whom have (1) spammed me (2) from a Korean mail drop. Not that the Koreans know I don't live anywhere near the district.

Spam, of course, is to principle what Cocoa Puffs are to Ghirardelli chocolate, and I hope it sinks Trent Franks as badly as it did California gubernatorial wannabe Bill Jones. And let this be a warning to any actual Oklahoma politicians with the same cheesy idea.

Posted at 8:32 PM to Political Science Fiction

Disfortunately, "Conservative former state legislator Trent Franks beat congressional aide Lisa Atkins in Tuesday's Republican primary race to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Bob Stump in District 2." Sadly, this also means he will virtually stroll into office come November.

Posted by: John at 4:00 PM on 11 September 2002

Yep. It's one of the safer GOP House districts, I understand. Apparently Stump's blessing wasn't enough to put Atkins over the top.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:16 PM on 11 September 2002