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21 August 2002

What the Arabs have to Gein

The word for today is "sociopath", and Susanna Cornett puts it into an international context.

"Sociopaths have no 'tender feelings' that you and I would recognize, even though some of them fake it fairly well Ted Bundy, for example, was engaged twice during the time he was sexually torturing and killing women. You need to understand all this because the men who lead al Qaeda, the men who lead the Palestinian killer cults, are just that kind of sociopath. They enjoy killing. It's about power, it's about playing a game, it's about one-upmanship and feeling the rush of knowing that you will not stop even at murder society's greatest taboo. The people who die at their hands are so much cattle, fodder for their ideological slaughterhouse. They don't shrink at blood, people, they revel in it. Seeing an Israeli street scattered in body parts, hearing the sound of an American businessman's body bursting into jelly on a New York City public plaza, gives these men a hard-on. Do you get it? Do you understand? They are not human as we know human. What's more, they cannot be. CANNOT BE. Never. Ever. Period. End of story."

And just in case you missed the point:

"[B]efore someone tries to bring up their right to disagree with Israeli or US policies, I'm not obviating those differences. I'm saying, those things don't matter when the issue is terrorism. There is no context where terrorism is the right thing to do.
"Let me say it again: There is no context where terrorism killing innocent people deliberately to gain an advantage or just to cause fear, when neither they nor their leaders have first attacked or sought to harm you is right."


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